Release 1.0

On this page the results of each intermediate processing step can be downloaded. In order to download information about individual miRNAs or pathways please visit the correponding pages, where all results can be downloaded in *.csv or *.xlsx.

GeneTrail2 enrichment results

These archives contains a directory for each miRNA that holds the enrichment results for the individual databases.
Homo sapiensMus musculus
hsa_genetrail2_results.tar.gz mmu_genetrail2_results.tar.gz
#Name                   Reference                                               Hits    Score   Expected Score  P-value         Info                    Regulation_direction
Adherens junction   2       2       0.266974        0.744416        CTNNB1,IGF1R            1
Basal cell carcinoma   2       2       0.215934        0.744416        AXIN2,CTNNB1            1
Focal adhesion   4       4       0.730251        0.509608        CTNNB1,IGF1R,PTEN,XIAP  1
  • Name: Name of the biological category
  • Reference: Link to the corresponding database
  • Hits: Number of miRNA targets in this category
  • Score: Number of miRNA targets in this category
  • Expected Score: Number of miRNA expected to target this categoy by chance
  • P-value: FDR adjusted p-value (Hypergeometric test)
  • Info: Genes that are targets of the respective miRNA
  • Regulation_direction: Boolean indicating if category is enriched or depleted

Pathway x miRNA p-value matrix

These archives contain a pathway x miRNA matrix for each database and confidence level. Each matrix is a *.csv file that contains the FDR-adjusted p-value for each (miRNA, pathway) pair. Rows represent miRNAs and columns individual pathways. These matrices are computed based on the GeneTrail2 enrichment results.
#Homo sapiensMus musculus
.tar.gz hsa_pvalues.tar.gz mmu_pvalues.tar.gz
Adherens junction   Basal cell carcinoma    Focal adhesion
hsa-miR-34a-3p  0.023   0.122   0.001
hsa-miR-21-5p   0.001   0.428   1.000