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Analyze the number of significant pathways per miRNA for the different target sets.

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Analyze the number of significant miRNAs per pathway for the different target sets.

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Heat maps for pathway databases

Analyze heat maps of significant miRNA signatures for the pathway databases.

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Learn about the features of our database.


Here, we introduce the miRNA Pathway Dictionary Database (miRPathDB), with which we aim to augment available target pathway web-servers by providing researches easy access to the information which pathways are regulated by a miRNA, which miRNAs target a pathway and how specific the regulations are. The database contains a large number of miRNAs (2,599 human miRNAs), different miRNA target sets (14,773 experimentally validated target genes as well as 19281 predicted targets genes) and a broad selection of functional biochemical categories (280 KEGG-, 296 WikiPathways-, 310 BioCarta-, 617 SMPDB-, 221 PID-, 1,300 Reactome pathways, 6,169 biological processes, 1,550 molecular functions, and 758 cellular components from Gene Ontology, and 806 cytogenetic bands, totaling 12,875 categories). In addition to H. sapiens, also M. musculus data are stored and can be compared to human target pathways.